The Scientific Library

The Scientific Library of KhNURE is a modern educational and research informational support center with its large book and periodicals collection, expanding inventory of digital resources and the advanced service system for library users. It supports research by University faculty and students, as well as the Kharkov and Ukrainian community of scholars.


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    Tamara B. Gryshchenko

    Chief Librarian
    Tamara B. Gryshchenko

    Electronic archive of open access:

    Electronic Archives (open access):
    The Library serves more than 30,000 users a year (including through the library web site); they borrow more than 600,000 books and other printed documents. The Library provides access to the electronic file collections (more then 450,000 downloads). There are 4 circulation divisions issuing academic books, scientific literature, fiction and foreign language literature, 7 reading halls (incl. an electronic one) in the Library. All library users can access free Wi-Fi in all reading halls. There are 70 PCs and 40 copiers in the Library.
    The Library collects the information resources on: computer sciences, information technologies, multimedia systems, economic cybernetics, radio engineering, electronics, information security, telecommunication systems, metrology and measurement engineering, etc.:

    • the collection of print editions and manuscripts (more than 760,000 items);
    • a full-text database in the Electronic Library (over 19,500 items);
    • database of the study and methodical complexes (more than 4,000 documents);
    • Electronic Archives (open access, more than 2,000 of scientific and methodical documents);
    • a CD-ROM collection (430 items);
    • an electronic catalog (more than 160 thousand entries) with access via the local and global networks;
    • access to the subscribed databases(the list of them you can find on the Library web-site).

    The Scientific Library of KhNURE participates in different corporate projects, what allows the Library users to access the world databases, online periodicals and other information resources of the other libraries:

    • all-Ukrainian Information Consortium;
    • all-Ukrainian Electronic Library (ElibUkr);
    • the Common Library Card for Kharkov College- and Universities Libraries;
    • Kharkov Summary Electronic Catalog;
    • Metabibliography of Kharkov area;
    • Kharkov Virtual Inquiry Service.

    All technological processes in the Library, including checking out and checking in, are computerized now. The users can access their library cards, order the books and receive the electronic documents through the Digital Document Delivery, use the Virtual Inquiry Service and ICQ inquiries throughout the Library web-site.
    The Library carries out the cultural and educational work among young students, organizes exhibitions, literary and musical evenings, holds discussions within academic groups; there is also a literary club “Ozarenie” (“Inspiration”).

    The Scientific Library