Association of Alumni and Friends

The main objective of the Association – to create conditions for graduates’ cooperation with teachers, research staff, graduate and undergraduate students of the university.


    Lenin ave., 14

    +38 (057) 702-10-13

    The main functions

    • to promote the development of electronic industry and informatization infrastructure in Ukraine;
    • to provide conditions for development of the university, the strengthening and development of its material and technical base;
    • to promote pre-training of students, to assist in the selection of candidates for postgraduate and doctoral programs, to give assistance in organizing and conducting individual training of students, participation in the placement of future graduates of the University;
    • to facilitate the organization and implementation of relevant scientific and technical programs and projects;
    • to organize international seminars, symposia, conferences and exhibitions in various areas of scientific and educational activities jointly with the University;
    • to establish catering to business enterprises, focused on working closely with the University and its departments;
    • to establish a fund at the expense of the sponsors and other legitimate sources of funding for education of talented young people in the university and in the leading educational institutions of the world, as well as to fund other objectives of the Association.


    Statute Of Association of Graduates