Documents submission

1. Assure a medical certificate or its copy from a medical worker (to the right of the University’s entrance to the Admission Board) or at the medical station – Bakulina street, 16, the entrance from the Kolomenskaya street (fluoroscopy should be made after 01.09.2014).

2. Get from a person on duty of admission board (at the University’s entrance) and fill out the following documents:

a) application form for the entrance competition; here, indicate the form of training (full-time/correspondence learning), not more than 3 desired areas of training and priorities;
b) consent form for the processing of personal data.

Note: 1) jounior specialists should indicate a course: 1st (with the reduced training period) or 2nd (3rd) course (with the normative training period on vacancies); which exactly senior course will be admissible, the Dean/Deputy Dean defines by a visa on a application form; 2) when the intrant fails to contest on the selected areas on places of public procurement, he/she is took in the contract place.

3. Get visa on applications (out of competition or priority admission, the admission to exams, to participate in the competition under the quota (for those from the Belgorod region), receiving of additional points for winners of National Olympiads, etc.) from the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admission Board (room 142).

4. Have with yourselves:

a) 7 photos 3 х4;
b) the registration certificate (with a stamp on the photo and the date of the registration) or military card;
c) the certificate of secondary education with the appendix (original or certified copy);
d) the medical certificate 086-o;
e) for jounior specialists – the diploma of jounior specialist with the appendix (originals or certified copies);
f) for intrants to the 1st cource - the EIT sertificate(s) with marks of passed tests (original or certified copy) and the information card (with results of EIT);
g) the certificate of the average score of the secondary school certificate (for graduates of previous years, can be received from Admission Board of KhNURE);
h) 2 xerocopies of identification number certificate;
i) 2 xerocopies of the 1-st, 2-nd pages of the passport and a xerocopy of the page with the registration of residence;
j) 2 xerocopies of document of secondary education with the appendix.

5. Submit documents to room 165 (full-time form on the basis of full general secondary school), other forms – to room 141.

Note: you can get visa on copies of documents in rooms 142, 146.

Attention! The following documents: 1) digital photo as a computer file, 2) student’s form for plastic student card registration (with the mark of digital photo’s presence) must be submitted after publication of a list of intrants together with secondary education documents, EIT certificates and medical certificate, but not later than 5st of August.

You can make a digital photo from a photographer  (to the right of the University’s entrance, from 9:00 to 17:00) or at the «Photax» office  (Bakulina str., 10, worktime is 9:00 – 19:30).

The scheme of placements of main objects and routes for documents submission.

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