University management is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On Higher Education», section VII.



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Pro-rector on scientific and pedagogical work

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Pro-rector on international cooperation

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Pro-rector on scientific work

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Pro-rector on administrative work

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Rector, as the head of the higher education institution, is responsible for the educational, financial and economic activities of the university, the state and the preservation of buildings and other property. Rector of the University has the authority to solve organizational, administrative and other tasks, such as:

  • University's representation in state and other institutions, responsibility for the results of its operations to a higher governing body,
  • formation of structure (faculty, educational support, etc.) of employees of the University,
  • formation of persons, which are in training at the university,
  • monitoring the quality of teachers' work, accuracy of the curriculum and programs following, compliance by all units staff-and-financial discipline,
  • disposal of property and finances of the University, approval of budgets, contracts,
  • control of labour protection, rule of law and order, and protection of state and service secrets.

In accordance with the Statute of the University, the Rector may delegate some powers to his deputies and heads of departments.

To address the major issues of the university, rector creates advisory boards and also determines the scope of their authority.