Students’ Union

The primary trade union organization of students of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics is Voluntary non-profit social organization of students and graduate students, whose purpose is to represent and defend the educational, social and economic rights and interests of the members of the Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine.


    room 273

    +38 (057) 702-16-59


    Andrey V. Frolov

    The Chairman of the Student Trade Union 
    Andrey V. Frolov

    Vladimir L. Luk'yanenko

    Deputy Chairman of the Student Trade Union
    Vladimir L. Luk'yanenko

    The members of the Student Trade Union have rights:

    • for representation and protection by the Union of their rights and interests;
    • to receive concessional conditions for the rehabilitation and recreation;
    • to receive financial aid;
    • to receive cash rewards for social work;
    • on the legal protection and free legal aid;
    • to participate in events and activities initiated by the Union;
    • to elect and be elected to trade union formations at all levels.

    The Student Trade Union will teach students and Ph.D. students how to:

    • protect their rights and defend the common interests;
    • live with dignity and to learn and not be expelled from a university or hostel;
    • become a union activist and help their fellow students;
    • revitalize, eat and stay in the sanatorium "Impulse" for only 10% of the total cost for 24 days;
    • get on the tours, the best matches or concerts at minimal cost;
    • get a cheap rest on the sea in the summer or in the mountains in the winter, and abroad;
    • get financial aid or premium;
    • travel around the world with the international identity of the student ISIC.

    Executive unit is the trade union committee of students of KNURE.