Viktor Kauk

PhD in Engineering sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Software Engineering (SE) at Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics (KhNURE)
Viktor Kauk

+38 (057) 702-14-46

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2780-2666
Researcher ID: E-8085-2018
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Honors and Awards

The Diploma to the Department of Science and Educstion KhRA
The Diploma of MONU


1987 – graduated with honors from the Kharkov Institute of Radioelectronics (HIRE), majoring in “Electronic devices and devices”
1997 – Candidate of Technical Sciences,
1997 – Assistant of the Computer Software Department
1997 – Head of Innovation and Marketing Department
1999 – Associate Professor of the Computer Software Department (now the Department of Software Engineering (PI))
2001 – Director of the Center for Distance Learning Technologies
2016 – supervisor of the Center for Distance Learning Technologies

Educational Activities

Teaches the academic discipline “Creative Design”
He is the head of certification work of bachelors and masters.

Scientific Work

Participated in the state budget scientific topics:
2009-2011 topic number 243 “Methods, models and information technologies for the development of socio-economic educational and scientific network for the purpose of integration into the European space”.
2012-2014 topic number 265 “Methods and models of self-organization of the infrastructure of an intelligent information environment based on the principles of cloud computing”.

Areas of scientific activity: innovation activities, distance learning, creativity.

Public and international activities

Was the General Director of the Ukrainian Association of Distance Education
Participated in international projects:
National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship 530576-TEMPUS- 1-2012- 1-SE- TEMPUS-SMHES
National Structural Measures project Priority – Higher Education and Society are Development of Lifelong learning in society at large 543839-TEMPUS- 1-2013- 1-SE- TEMPUS-SMHES
“Entrepreneur Alumni Network” 544521-TEMPUS- 1-2013- 1-DE- TEMPUS-SMHES

Publications and patents

Has over 50 publications